Oil and Gas Interview Questions


When you get asked to an oil and gas interview - GO, you probably have the oil job

It will often be only you being interviewed for the position. They just want to check you out in person before they employ you.

You may not be asked twice by the same company, so go at all costs.

Oil and gas interview questions

As with all oil and gas interviews, turn up on time, bring a pen and think of a few questions to ask.

You may like to practice your responses to some of the more common interview questions and prepare a list yourself of questions that you want to ask.

It is recommended that both men and women wear a suit and sensible shoes. Women wear a moderate amount of makeup and simple jewelry. Men should be clean shaven with a conservative tie and ironed shirt.

Look the interviewer in the eye, sit up straight with both feet on the floor, control nervous habits (cracking knuckles, drumming fingers, etc.) and smile as they greet you.

Do not ask specific questions about salary or benefits
unless the employer broaches the subject first.

oil and gas interview questions picsYou may have to do some introductory training as part of your oil and gas interview day. This could mean you have to be at the office at 9am and then finish your day at 5pm.

You should, therefore, plan your stay appropriately. It varies from company to company. Get the full information, especially if you have far to travel.

If you have not yet done so complete your oil job resume and sign up with us because we really can help you get an oil job.

To get more information about an oil and gas application, please apply today.

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